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How to Select The Best Kpop Lightsticks

Kpop lovers should have a Kpop lightstick in their collection. The concert allows Kpop fans to come together and show their support. Lightsticks were first introduced by Big Bang, and these days it would be impossible to find a band without one. Find all the information you need about ENHYPEN Lightstick in this guide, including how to purchase them.

What exactly are Kpop Lightsticks?

It is impossible to imagine how great the atmosphere is at a Kpop concert if you have never been. When you go to see your favorite Kpop band, make sure you bring a lightstick with you! Each group has its own lightstick design and fans use them to cheer their idols on.
This is kind of like when people turn on their phone’s torch at a concert.

What are the best places to buy Kpop lightsticks?

Buying Kpop lightsticks can be done in many shops, but you need to be careful not to buy knock offs. We have listed some trusted websites where you can order lightsticks.

  • Kpop Shop: You can probably buy lightsticks at Kpop shop since they have a lot
  • of options and offer free shipping! It’s possible to get lightsticks from many
  • different bands, such as BTS, Seventeen, Monsta X, (G)I-DLE, APink, etc.
  • Amazon: The official Amazon shop of many record labels exists.
  • SM Global Shop: The SM Global Shop has a limited number of brands, but there
  • are many fans from bands such as SuperM, Red Velvet, SHINee and others.
  • Kpopmart: One thing I like about Kpop mart is that they have mini lightstick
  • keyrings as well.
  • Ktown4u: You might be able to find some lights not available on other sites at
  • Ktown4u, even though they don’t have a large inventory.
  • Kpoptown: There are many options from Kpoptown to choose from for fanlights
  • from popular brands such as SuperM, SEVENTEEN, BTS, and TWICE.
  • Note: There are usually also online shops (or apps) for all the entertainment labels.
  • TIP: Buy only from valid websites and ensure that you’re getting an official light stick.

Kpop Lightsticks: An Overview

A list of all the lightsticks for each band is below. There are different versions and
generations of fan lights used by some bands.

1. Lightstick BTS

Kpop lightsticks are among the most popular. The first version of the light stick came out in 2015 and looked like a globe. On April 20, 2020, the Army released its fourth version of the bomb. Unlike other designs (except for the fourth version), the Army Bomb doesn’t really change design over time.
However, it has changed specifications over time. A smoother handle, an opaque globe, and Bluetooth connectivity makes the 4th version practical for concerts. In comparison to previous versions, the 4th version offers significantly more light intensity. There was a huge supply of the fourth edition, and unfortunately, they quickly sold out. Hopefully they’ll restock soon.

2. Light stick Black pink

This year Blackpink released their official lightstick. Each side of the black handle has two hearts that are pink and it has two colours (black and pink). According to reports, Blackpink members assisted with the design. In the Weekly Idol show, the girls spoke about being inspired by the hammer toy.
You can get the Blackpink lightstick on Amazon through YG’s official shop, but most online Kpop stores don’t have it in stock.

3. Lightstick for Stray Kids

This lightstick was released in November of this year and is known as Nachimban. An orange compass sits on top of the white handle with a message that says, “You make Stray Kids stay”. Designed by Korean company 101X and licensed by JYP Entertainment, this fan light is expected to sell for $150 to $200. I really like the fact that you can pair it to your seat or even your phone and have it work while you’re at the concert. Stray Kids has an official Amazon shop where you can purchase lightsticks.

4. Seventeen-flash lightstick

Seventeen light sticks feature a diamond in a sparkling sphere and are also called Caratbongs. One of the main opinions about Seventeen is that all kpop bands have pretty lightspeed. Unlike most lightsticks that are meant to be customized (you can open them up), Seventeen lightsticks have been decorated in very creative ways.