My vacation was made better by Diptyque Do Son Travel Spray - Leather Clothings My vacation was made better by Diptyque Do Son Travel Spray - Leather Clothings

My vacation was made better by Diptyque Do Son Travel Spray

I always feel homesick when I’m on vacation. The water pressure in the shower, my old bed, and my worn-in couch make me miss home. It would be nice to know precisely where everything is, from Band-Aids to my favorite cardigan for watching Netflix and eating Joe-Joes in bed. It is mostly how home smells that I do miss, though my house smells mostly of dog hair, 29 percent of what I had for dinner the night before, and 1 percent of the candle of the week.
On my recent vacation, I decided to bring a scent that was familiar to me. Since I have been using Diptyque Do Son travel spray in my own bedroom for some time, I have been hoping that I will be able to do the same when I go on vacation and I will not be homesick. By training my brain to be nostalgic for this scent, I was able to achieve my goal.

Refillable Do Son Travel Spray by Diptyque

Numerous studies have shown a strong connection between memory and scent. The company’s in-house perfumer, Sarah Horowitz, has already been interviewed by us, We unconsciously and consciously gravitate to certain scents because they remind us of past events, places, and people. It is attainable for a person’s scent preference to be affected by so many external factors, both conscious and unconscious. As we grow up, we develop cultural preferences, and then we develop specific experiences that influence how we perceive scents. Horowitz says scent is the most powerful memory trigger, so this plays a major role in influence.

Since my perfumes already have associations, I chose Diptyque Do son travel spray instead of my perfumes for the same reason. The long-lasting scent I needed was something that would psychologically connect me with home. I initially tested Do Son (and loved the way it made the room smell), so I decided to make this my anchor scent. I love its femininity (but not too much), citrus-y quality (but not enough citrusy), and touch of musk, which adds a little roughness and balances out the femininity. In the top note, tuberose is present, while in the middle, orange is present, and in the base, jasmine is present.

Besides coming in a convenient tube (it’s design was inspired by the vintage notice boards that used to be found in airports and train stations), the Do Son travel spray is also travel friendly (you can throw it in your carry-on when you fly). Fortunately, while it’s pricey, it’ll last you many months before you run out. A few spritzes last for hours (and last for hours), so while it’s pricey, it will last you for months. Additionally, Diptyque, which is one of the most beautiful home scents out there.