The designers creating gender-neutral clothing that you have to know - Leather Clothings The designers creating gender-neutral clothing that you have to know - Leather Clothings

The designers creating gender-neutral clothing that you have to know

Women are talking about gender-neutral clothing and tweeting about it. Find everything you need to know about this fashion movement here, including the designers at the forefront.
Harry Styles is no stranger to backlash due to his monumental moments. His appearance is the first time a male has appeared on the front cover of American Vogue in 125 years. He is a singer, actor, and gender-neutral dresser.

What does gender-neutral clothing mean?

Clothing worn by both men and women can be considered gender neutral because it does not adhere to the binary of male/female; it is non-biased and encompasses both genders. Suppose that you are at a buffet where everything is unlabeled and you are welcome to eat whatever you like. You will not be judged for what you eat.
The history of fashion has been marked by deviations from gender conventions. With her penchant for wearing men’s suits, Marlene Deitrich is considered an androgynous pioneer, and unisex design has become a staple of streetwear brands. However, androgyny and unisex do not mean that women can dress in ways that are gender-neutral. A culmination of both masculine and feminine aesthetics, androgyny is most often exhibited by women who want to imitate the styles of their male counterparts.

The unisex style is generally an “all styles fit all” approach, offering clothes that can be worn by men as well as by women. While gender neutral clothing rejects the gender binary completely and creates clothing that is proportional to a person’s body shape and lifestyle, it emphasizes or mutes feminine and masculine aesthetics – see Harry Styles.
Attempting to clarify the concept of gender-neutral fashion, we have identified the most innovative and influential designers taking a fluid approach.


Having entered the fashion scene in 2005, Telfar Clemens designs gender-neutral clothing. Incorporating denim, leather, and an assortment of other fabrics, Michael Clemens’ styles reflect his New York City upbringing; a place that is inclusive, diverse, and accessible. Consequently, the tagline of the brand is “not just for you- for everyone.”.
From Oprah to politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Clemens’ designs have been seen on everyone from Oprah to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez since he won the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2017. Telfar’s “Bushwick Birkins” bag is constantly out of stock, positioning the brand as one of Lyst’s “hot brands of 2020.” All things considered, Telfar is a brand you should keep an eye on. Our recommendation for your first foray into gender-neutral fashion are Telfar’s logo-embossed leather boots. A style statement in itself, these boots are both functional and fashionable.

Harris Reed

The halo-half-british designer Harris Reed has everyone’s attention. In her Instagram bio, Reed stated she designs clothes with the purpose of “fighting for the beauty of fluidity,” dressing celebrities such as Harry Styles and Solange. A single sentence can summarize Reed’s style: romanticism gone non-binary.
Reed’s newest collection features floor-length lace veils, vivid hats, and flared trousers that command attention. Having caught the attention of Styles’ stylist Harry Lambert, Reed has created countless custom suits for him, including the tailored suit with flared skirt in American Vogue.
Reed, however, doesn’t just dress in fluid fashion; it lives it. Using traditional scents blended with Gothic influences, Reed and his mom created a candle collection. We’ve also got Reed’s shoes that Miley Cyrus recently wore, a collaboration between Roker and Reed.